Labor Rates:

We install everything we make plus other services such as shock rebuilding, custom fabrication, SEMA Builds, and more.

General Installations: $150.00 Per Hour

Electrical Work: $100.00 Per Hour

OBD Scans: $100.00

Shock Rebuilding:

All shock rebuilds include shock cleaning, new oil, shaft polish, and labor. Seal Kits are sold separately. Pricing is per item.

Bump Stops: $75.00

Bypass Shocks: 2.0 $75.00 / 2.5 $100.00 / 3.0 $150.00 / 3.5 $200.00 / 4.0 $250.00 / 4.4 $300.00

Coilovers: 2.0 $75.00 / 2.5 $100.00 / 3.0 $125.00

OEM Ford Raptor: Front $125.00 / Rear $100.00

Baja Prep:

This is one of the most popular maintenance packages we have for the serious offroad enthusiast. This package includes a complete under carriage inspection, suspension cycling and inspection, wheel hub inspection, IWE inspection, air line(s) check, vacuum line inspection, torque and mark all suspension bolts, engine fluids check with top off service including transmission fluid, nitrogen fill all shocks and bump stops, torque lug nuts, tire pressure, heim and uniball inspection plus cleaning, electronics check, plus each package covers a portion of labor for any repairs you decide to have fixed.

Basic Package: $350.00 (Suitable for weekend warriors)(This package covers labor up to $200.00 towards repairs.)

Racer Package: $550.00 (For race trucks with multiple sets of heims and uniballs, fuel cells, and advanced electronics)(This package covers labor up to $350.00 towards repairs.)